SKYRON Overcomes Hazardous Materials and Heights

1/3 less time than conventional methods

The inspection required 

less personnel than conventional methods

Inspectors avoid risks and contact with hazardous materials

For the management of hydropower conveyance systems within pulp and paper facilities, surge tanks stand as critical components, serving as key players for efficient operations. A robust maintenance strategy and a secure work environment are paramount for these systems to thrive. Non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections emerge as a vital practice in maintaining surge tank performance. However, circumstances can be challenging, as showcased in a recent case undertaken by Avestec. 

The situation presented a dual challenge. Initially, accessing the surge tanks proved intricate due to obstructive towering trees on one front. Subsequently, a haunting specter of potential asbestos contamination emerged on the opposing side, adding an element of danger that couldn’t be ignored. The confluence of these obstacles demanded an innovative approach, one that safeguarded workers’ well-being while ensuring thorough assessments of the tanks.

SKYRON performing ultrasonic thickness testing on tank shell in hazardous environment. Inspection team

In response to these complex challenges, Avestec utilized the capabilities of SKYRON, an intelligent flying robot. SKYRON emerged as the perfect inspection tool, smoothly navigating the intricate environment and flawlessly conducting ultrasonic thickness tests on the tank shell. By doing so, it enabled inspection without exposing human personnel to the hazards. 


Operating SKYRON was a precise coordination of human expertise and cutting-edge technology. A skilled pilot and inspector collaborated to guide the flying robot with precision. While the robot soared over the dense canopy of trees, the team maintained a safe distance, evading the potential asbestos threat. A first-person view camera system interface facilitated real-time monitoring as SKYRON ventured beyond the limits of direct line of sight. 


The results of Avestec’s inspection were truly remarkable. Within a single day, SKYRON conducted thorough inspections, collecting 577 ultrasonic thickness readings in 60 minutes flight time. 

This achievement marked a transformative change in the methods of inspecting surge tanks. Through overcoming challenging conditions and executing seamless inspections, SKYRON proves its advantages over conventional approaches, triumphing even in the most demanding environments.