Intelligent flying robots are used for inspections, so no humans are put in dangerous places.


Costs are substantially lower as no equipment is needed beyond the robot and tether system.


The flying robot can complete inspections in a single day. Shutdowns are rarely needed, and set up time is short.


Using our robot, only two people are required to complete an inspection: an inspector and a pilot.

Conventional Inspection

Inspectors use ropes, scaffolding, or manlifts to reach elevated and confined spaces. This is dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming.

Avestec's Solution

An intelligent flying robot is used to complete inspections faster, safer, and at a lower cost.

Our Robot and Software work together
to deliver accurate data


A flying robot with advanced technology capable of performing Ultrasonic Thickness measurements

and Visual Inspections.

SKYRON UAV for NDT inspection


Thanks to the Smart Tether System, SKYRON can carry greater payloads and have unlimited flight times.


Our reporting software simplifies inspection by improving accuracy through data analysis and automating report generation.

What our Products do


Remote visual inspections can be
done from a safe distance using our intelligent flying robot, SKYRON.

Contact based inspections

Our patented attachment tool allows for accurate contact-based inspections, including UT and dry film thickness.

AI Data Management and Reporting

Our proprietary software streamlines the process of collection, storage, management, and reporting.

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