SKYRON 2 is an advanced robot, that specializes in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for inspecting industrial assets and navigating challenging environments. It creates precise 3D maps and streamlining workflows with efficient data tagging. This robot guarantees the capability to revisit specific inspection points, ensuring unparalleled accuracy for future inspections

UAV robotic tool for jut inspection

LiDAR technology for precision

  • Utilizes pulsed lasers for accurate distance measurement 
  • 360-degree scanning for comprehensive coverage 
  • Ultra-wide 90° field of view digital lidar sensor 
  • 32 channels for high-resolution point cloud generation
  • Thrives in low-light and obstructed view scenarios


3D Mapping
with SLAM

• Simultaneous localization and mapping for accurate positioning.
• High-definition 3D maps created
at short intervals.
• Ensures precise trajectory
and positioning.

Data Tagging
for Review

• Mark specific points of interest
within maps.
• Simplifies referencing and
review process.

SLAM Based Flight Controller (AvesAir)

• GNC in GPS/compass-denied environments.
• 3D LiDAR SLAM assisted stabilization.
• Automatic take-off and landing for seamless operations.