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Our technology is adaptable and can be used in a variety of industries.
Used by clients that are Asset Owners & Service Providers.

Oil & Gas





Our Services

Ultrasonic thickness measurement

Using an integrated Olympus 38DL plus ultrasonic thickness gauge SKYRON provides live values and A-scans.

Coating Thickness Measurement

SKYRON provides the tools to make fast and accurate coating measurements.

Visual Inspection

An HD camera System, LIDAR range sensor, and advanced lighting system enable accurate visual inspections.

Defect Detection and Measurement

Avesoft, our proprietary data and reporting software, automatically detects surface defects such as cracks and pitting.

Automatic Report Generation

Avesoft provides automatically generated reports containing data including images, videos, graphs, and thickness measurements.

Data Analysis and Post Processing

Using Avesoft, data is analyzed by AI and presented in real-time so pertinent measurements can be viewed on-site and on-demand.

Applicable Assets

Using our SKYRON package, the Avestec team can perform NDT inspection on various assets.


Inspection Process



  • Determine the operational envelope and inspection parameters (visual/mapping/UT) with your operation team for each asset
  • All conditions and limitations will be discussed
  • Schedule is finalized


  • Avestec’s highly qualified robotic operators bring a fleet of robots to your site
  • With minimal setup, the crew gathers all the required data for each asset according to the plan


  • Our local server encrypts collected data
  • Using Avesoft, a brief report will be prepared on-site and the results will be discussed with the client

Final Report

  • After post-processing and analysis of all data, a full report is provided

What is included in the report?

Partnership Developments

Avestec has undertaken multiple development projects in partnership with clients like Shell, ExxonMobil, and BP, conducting inspections under challenging conditions.


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